Security Patrol System-Beijing Armed Police Corps Hospital

Location:Beijing Armed Police Corps Hospital

Project Necessity

1. Hospital personnel-intensive, safety can not be guaranteed.
2. Safety inspection of fire exits and fire-fighting equipment in hospitals is not standardized.
3. No caregivers, patients often have unexpected situations, that is not timely serious consequences.


The Beijing armed police corps hospital is an open place with a large flow of people, which is easy for criminals to commit crimes. Therefore, the security requirements are higher, management must be very strict. At the same time, patients are vulnerable groups, in the absence of care, there will be emergencies. In order to protect the personal and property safety of patients, family members, employees and security in all parts of hospital work orderly. In 2019, JWM guard tour system was introduced. Through professional management, strengthen the routine patrolling work, greatly reduce the security risks.

Project Introduction

Combining the professional inspection design scheme with the field condition, we conducted secondary design and development of the patrol software. Finally providing the management solution is suitable for the hospital.

Solve Problems

1. Ensure 24-hour patrol of gates to the hospital, all elevators, emergency entrance and exit and safe passage, vehicle entrances and exits;
2. Promptly solve the trouble caused by dissenters to prevent the situation from escalating;
3. To prevent criminals from carrying out criminal activities. The alarm function of patrol system can be used, inform other security guards to come to the site for assistance at first time;

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000L5