Security Patrol Management Program of Jinguang Grain Wharf

The on-site patrol of the reservoir area, wharf, and pipeline is the daily work that must be paid attention to, and it is also the top priority of our work. All field work is based on personnel management. The JWM electronic patrol system has helped Jinguang Grain and Oil Terminal to solve the difficulty of security patrol management. Through scientific management methods, it has strengthened the security personnel’s timely, sequential, and required fixed-point patrol standards, and solved the problems of untimely discovery of hidden dangers at the terminal. Strengthen the operational safety of the terminal.

Urgent problems:

The failure of fire-fighting facilities is not discovered in time and cannot be used for fire prevention. There is a huge safety hazard.
Security guards encountered unexpected incidents during the patrol and could not report to the management center in time, and the hidden dangers were postponed and amplified.
When the security guard misses the patrol, the management center cannot know the first time, and the safety of the terminal cannot be guaranteed.


Install patrol points at all fire-fighting facilities such as docks and warehouses, set patrol time, and formulate fire-fighting patrol plans through the system.
WM-5000L4D online patrol machine with voice call and real-time data transmission function.

Every time the security personnel read the card, the data will be uploaded in real-time, and the management center can receive the patrol data the first time.


Security personnel needs to install a patrol plan to read cards and check at various fire-fighting facilities on time, and the system records the arrival time.
When a hidden danger occurs, the data can be uploaded to the management center through the patrol machine as soon as possible.

Once a missed patrol occurs, the management center can know it for the first time and arrange for security guards to re-check.

Project Background:

Ningbo Cotai Grain and Oil Terminal Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture controlled by Indonesia Cotai Group. It is mainly engaged in the loading and unloading, transit, storage, transportation and related businesses of grain, oil and foodstuffs. The company’s wharf is a 50,000-ton special grain and oil wharf in Zhejiang Province. The company has advanced operating equipment and superior loading and unloading and storage conditions. It is one of the fastest grain and oil wharves in the world.


According to the actual situation of Jinguang Grain and Oil Terminal, the administrator installs patrol points on each location and patrol route that need to be patrolled and then sets the patrol point after sensing with the patrol wand as the name of the corresponding location through the guard patrol system. Enter the location of the patrol point, patrol time, period, and names of patrol officers into the patrol system, and make a patrol plan.

During the patrol, security personnel needs to hold the patrol machine to read the card at each patrol point according to the patrol plan. The patrol wand automatically stores the card reading location and time and uploads the data to the management center in real-time. The patrol system automatically transmits the data Organize into a patrol report for managers to view.

Product Model: WM-5000L4D

Solved Problem:

1. Solve the situation that the failure of fire-fighting facilities is not discovered in time, cannot play a role in fire prevention, and there is a huge hidden danger in safety;

2. Solved the situation that the security guard encountered an emergency during the patrol and could not report to the management center in time, and the hidden danger was delayed and amplified;

3. Solved the situation that when the security guard missed the patrol, the management center could not know the first time and the safety of the terminal could not be guaranteed;