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For security firms, the impact of COVID-19 has come from a drop in business demand from their clients. The revenue of businesses with huge traffic such as tourism and hotels has fallen sharply, so that the business of security firms has been affected. But at the same time, some industries have increased the need for security guards under COVID-19. In some large venues and convention centers that have reopened, security guards need to ensure the safety of employees and guests, enforce mask wearing and manage queues, and maintain a safe personal distance.
Help you enhance your customer service experience, win more business, and simplify workflow for your employees with the JWM security patrol system.

COVID-19 exposes security firms' shortcomings in personnel coordination

Security firms face multiple challenges when it comes to managing security personnel. Such as guard shortage, improper scheduling, etc. It’s even more important for staff scheduling, especially during COVID-19. Security companies need to fully mobilize their employees to provide customers with safety precautions and safe isolation.
The JWM guard patrol system has sufficient practical basis for personnel scheduling. For a long time, JWM has provided security solutions for G4S and Securitas. Through the JWM guard patrol system, you can clearly know the security scheduling situation, and divide the responsibility area for the security guard responsible for the security business of different enterprises. Provide more reliable security services.

Overhaul of security training and accountability measures

The advent of security management software has helped many security companies improve their business, and the software’s real-time reporting capabilities can ease workloads and deter crime, but operating these techniques requires a lot of training. In order to solve this problem, companies need to either strictly train security guard, or find experienced security guard.
JWM Guard Patrol System focuses on creating value for customers, providing customers with the best quality solutions, rather than spending too much time on unnecessary technical training. The JWM guard patrol system simplifies the tedious operation process, and through the friendly security management software, you can complete the security patrol plan setting in an instant. In addition, a complete patrol report helps you improve your accident accountability and handling capabilities, and you can also use the patrol report to assess whether your security guards work seriously. Increasing the accountability of your employees can also make customers more satisfied with your business.

Improve the quality of security services

The market competition of security firms is fierce. On the basis of providing security services, they also need to prove their value to customers and gain a good reputation in the industry. Customer satisfaction directly determines whether security companies can gain a firm foothold in the fierce market competition and whether they can establish long-term business relationships.
With the JWM Guard Patrol System, you can not only help you improve operational efficiency, but also easily demonstrate your value to customers. Through patrol mission plan, patrol report, you can present your value results to customers. Clear patrol tasks and complete patrol reports make your customers more trustworthy. These data presentations are far more impressive than oral or paper reports.

Improve business profitability and reduce operating costs

Today, the cost of doing business in all industries, including the security industry, has increased due to the impact of COVID-19. Make sure you focus on delivering value to your customers instead of wasting time and money on management.
By knowing what is happening in real time, proactive intervention can be made before it expands or becomes more dangerous. Reducing the incidence of accidents and human intervention in the budding period is the responsibility of the security company and a necessary means to reduce operating costs. To create value for customers is to create greater profits for security companies.
One of the unique features of the JWM guard patrol system is that when guards encounter life-threatening and emergency situations, they can send SOS alerts to the console by pressing the device button to ensure the guard safety of your employees. To ensure the guard safety of employees, in order to better serve customers.

Benefit of JWM Guard Patrol System

  • Preset patrol plan
  • Real-time tracking of employee task completion
  • Monitor patrol route
  • Notification of abnormal events
  • SOS guard accident push
  • Comprehensive patrol report
  • Cloud software management system

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