Security Guard Tour System – Hanshan County

Location:Hanshan county

Project Necessity

As the advanced county of scientific development in the whole province, Hanshan county pays more attention to the peaceful and harmonious environmental atmosphere, constantly promotes the safe city and safe community, and adopts advanced scientific and technological means to improve the efficient grid management. The application of intelligent guard tour system makes Hanshan county go in the front of the construction of peace.

Main functions of the system

1.Real-time display of patrol position of security guards.
2.Be able to customize patrol areas and plan patrol routes.
3.Automatically calculate each patrol time and effectively manage patrol time of security guards.
4.Patrol timeout reminder function.
5.Alarm reminder function, the administrator can timely check the alarm information of security guards.
6.Missing patrol reminder function, the management staff can check the patrol status at any time.
7.Report display function to detail daily patrol and inquire past patrol information.
8.Graphically display patrol information.

Solve Problems

1.Strengthen the quantitative assessment of the staff and adopt advanced technology to assess the workload of the staff
2.The management department can timely understand the work dynamics and action track of the dispatched staff
3.In case of emergency, the outgoing staff can send warning information to the management department through the one-key alarm of GPS patrol

Product Introduction

Model: WM 5000P5+