Safe Campus and Intelligent Management

In recent years, the cases of endangering campus safety and infringing on students’ personal and property are increasingly prominent. Therefore, it is particularly important to create a safe campus environment. In addition, intelligent management means can be used to realize the overall intelligent management of the school, and provide humanized, intelligent and effective school education public services for teachers and students, administrators and parents. Build campus “safety wall” — safe campus Campus security has always been a part that cannot be ignored. In order to protect students’ personal safety, prevent the occurrence of external infringement cases, maintain the normal order of teaching and life on campus, so that every student can safely step into a bigger stage of life, the significance of safe campus construction is of great importance.


In order to ensure the safety of teachers and students and ensure the normal operation of the school order, it is particularly necessary to monitor and record the on-site situation in key locations and areas in real-time. In case of accidents, it is necessary to retrieve the records of the occurrence of events and retain relevant evidence. According to the demand of safe campus, strive to build a set of digital campus safety comprehensive security monitoring system, the key parts for the school set up a security monitoring, distribution campus main area, perimeter and campus building internal, kitchen, use the technology to give priority to, such as alarm, video monitoring set up 24-hour monitoring and early warning mechanism, linkage alarm system and monitoring system, timely processing more efficient, more with the higher education, public security platform to achieve docking platform, calmly deal with all kinds of emergencies. By establishing a safe, reliable, real-time and efficient security monitoring system, a campus “safety wall” is built to build a safe campus, optimize education environment and improve teaching quality.


In order to ensure the safety of life and property of personnel on the campus, in addition to strengthening the patrol management system, how to strengthen the effective supervision of security personnel through scientific and effective technical means is also an indispensable important link in building a “safe campus”. The guard patrol system can make the patrol work scientific and standardized, and make the patrol inspector management work digital and visual. 


Part of safe campus application based on the smart card platform is also an important part of a safe campus, including access control management, ladder control management, personnel access management, vehicle access management.