Guard Tour System - Qiannan Postal Administration

Location: Qiannan Postal Administration

Project Necessity

In order to further ensure that couriers arrive on time and accurately, enterprises have strengthened the establishment and improvement of the delivery system, but still can not put an end to the phenomenon of delivery delay caused by some deliverers dereliction of duty. How to strengthen the effective supervision of security patrol guards through scientific and effective technical means is an important issue that cannot be ignored by current managers.


The JWM using the current more popular BS version of the software, through the Internet to transfer system data. In the WEB application and database server, there is no need to install the client software, which is easier to maintain than the C/S version, and you can query the inspection results through the Internet anytime and anywhere, without geographical restrictions. By assigning different permissions to each user, users can manage their own data. Reserve patrol data analysis interface for different application environments.

Project Introduction

Qiannan post’s inductive electronic guard tour management system adopts the world’s leading RFID automatic sensor recognition technology, computer network communication, and data processing technology to realize the assessment management of the delivery personnel. As long as the delivery information point is installed at the designated delivery station location, the delivery personnel will collect information from each delivery information point, and automatically record the accurate time and location name of the delivery personnel to that location.

Solve Problems

  • 1. The JWM electronic patrol system can solve these problems, so as to improve the standardization and scientific management level of postal patrol for managers.
  • 2. To the phenomenon of scientific and accurate assessment and management of delivery personnel, effectively ensure the orderly working process of the enterprise, and put delivery personnel management into practice.
  • 3. Pre-set the time, place and staff attendance through the JWM software management system to record the time and status information of the delivery personnel arriving at the delivery site, so as to achieve twice the result with half the effort.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V8