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Vanguard 7
System Components
WM-5000V7 Guard Tour system
Vanguard 7 guard tour system

Strong Body

Three layers Protection. No screw on the surface, let Vanguard 7 more sturdy.

Witness Three Proofings Design

Waterproof,, shockproof, dust prevention
Design. Just for reducing after-sales service, makes safe longer.

Vanguard 7 guard tour system

All for customers

Superior suppliers provide us the most reliable quality. We only provide you the less service to keep your maximal profit.

Vanguard 7 guard tour system

Distinctive Design

Innovative gilded contact USB design, make it easy to operate.

Vanguard 7 guard tour system
Vanguard 7 guard tour system

Double Functions Download Station

One station for transferring and charging.
Piano paint, beautiful design, smart technology with artistic.

125KHz and 2.4G reading

Both reading modes, let your application more widely.

Vanguard 7 guard tour system
Vanguard 7 guard tour system

One Charge for 24 days using

Vanguard 7 chooses high-capacity battery and low power consumption design. That guarantees the super endurance.

Efficient Management

The software provide every report you want. That makes your management more efficient.

Easy Operation

Only five steps, makes your installation easily.

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