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Eagle 2
System Components
WM-5000E2 Guard Tour system
Eagle 2 guard tour system

Strong Body

Stainless steel body with rubber shell out side, no screws outside. The strong is not only the outside.

Classic touching system

Touching way of button reading, with led flash for reading confirmation. 14 years to be consistent from beginning to end.

Eagle 2 guard tour system

All for customers

Superior suppliers provide us the most reliable quality. We only provide you the less service to keep your maximal profit.

Eagle 2 guard tour system

Download Station

You can download data from the reader by downloading station. Easy and convenient.

Eagle 2 guard tour system
Eagle 2 guard tour system

One Battery for One Year

Eagle E2 use Panasonic CR123A battery , one time use makes your guard control more easier and more effective. Low power consumption design, that makes you change the battery once per year.

Efficient Management

The software provide every report you want. That makes your management more efficient.

Eagle 2 guard tour system
Eagle 2 guard tour system

Easy Operation

Only five steps, makes your installation easily.

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