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System Components

Monitor Your Guard in Real-time

JWM Patrol Management System is a complete, real-time
monitoring system for security guards on patrol and their
supervisors. The implementation of a guard tour system will
help companies to monitor their officers accurately in time
and manage their assets more effectively, upgrading their
security services.

Simultaneously GPS Positioning & RFID/NFC Tag Reading

The device collects latitude and longitude information at intervals(settable) during the guards
patrolling process. These latitude and longitude information will form the patrol trajectory which is
present on your PC and Mobile APP.
In order to achieve the function of indoor-outdoor simultaneous patrol management, the GPS inspection
device has added the tag reading function. After indoor RFID tag installation, the device can read
the RFID tags for each regulated checkpoint. The patrol device automatically records the name of the
tag and the time of arrival.

Performance Revolution
from Every Detail

Android 6.0 operating system with 8-Core
Processor, Front-back Dual Camera(500M Pixel
& 1300M Pixel)Multi-touch 4.7 Inch HD IPS Screen.

Data at Your Fingertips

Collecting all important data and
generate a humanized report.

A web-based software that allows you to view the
details of one or all security guard conditions.

•Patrolling Parameter Settings
•Defect Management

Instant Feedback Calling

By downloading a fixed set of 10 phone
numbers (expandable) via software, the guard
only make calls to pre-stored numbers which it
can effectively save charges and avoid
harassing calls.

Technical Parameters

•Protection Grade: IP67
•Processor: 8-core 2.0GHz
•System: Android 6.0
•Capacity: RAM=4G ROM=64G
•Communication: 4G GPRS GSM
•Display: 5.0 Inches 1920*1020 IPS LED Screen
•Camera: 500M Pixel, 1300M Pixel

•GPS Locating Accuracy: ≤10m
•Power Supply: 5100mAh / 3.7V Lithium Battery
•Functions: WiFi / Bluetooth / NFC / Fingerprint /
Magnetic USB
•Operating Temperature: -40°C~+85°C
•Dimensions: 147.3mm*76.1mm*12.7mm
•Weight: 220g

Professional as You Can See

Installation Flow

Package Details

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