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2.0 Software
System Components

Patrol Management System comes to 2.0

Complex or Simple, Different users, the same Choice1

Patrol plan upgraded —— patrol as schedule, patrol as times, special rest day.

Report upgraded——Patrol In Sequence, Remaining time.
Database upgraded—— Firebird, run faster, more safe, stable.
Interface upgraded——More beautiful, more intuitive, simpler.
All in one—— All JWM Guard Tour Models can be used together in software 2.0.

As You Think, A Patrol Plan that Meets Your Requirements

No matter how simple your plan, no matter how complicated your plan, software 2.0 can meet you needs.

Supervisor James need the guards patrol every hour from 8:00 to 19:00.

And the patrol time always change every week. The report need to record

the remain time for each checkpoint. There is 15 days for rest during


Supervisor Kim need the guards patrol once everyday.tem

Diversified Reports, Detailed Statistics

Patrol reports, Remain Time, Time for one round, Patrol in Sequence. we are presented to you that all you have concerned about.
All meticulous statistics, PDF and Excel export, printing, are whole -heartedly for your convenience.

Backup Your Database automatically ,Keep Your Data Secure

You needn’t worry about re-install the operating system, changing the computer and even system crashes. Data backup automatically, it is never lost.

Different Users’ Authority Management

You can assign permissions /authority to different users. For example, you can make the management user directly
setup the plans, checkpoints and so on information for the security guards. As for security guards, they only can
basically upload the data and inquiry the report. And all information can be setup on operator management setup.
Under this function, the security guard cannot modify report Maliciously.

Look Back for Your History Data and Logs

JWM patrol system will help you record all your history data which get proper historical data and logs for all patrols
executed in specific time intervals. The officers managing the procedure in the office will not retain data in archives
and folders any more but will be now able to conduct a simple look on your computer .The ability to track historical
data is vital to control budget and extinguish ambiguity operating issues deriving about guards reliability and past
patrol tours duration.


Make Patrolling work Easier

All of your data can be stored in secure databases and retrieved at any time. You can track activities, organize
schedules and create digital footprints of your officers in order to validate that guard tours are executed properly
in time. Turning into a guard tour software configuration for your daily needs, you will add value to your work.
JWM patrol system will also make your life simpler, eliminating time consuming and complicated tasks.