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Eagle 3
System Components
WM-5000ES Guard Tour system
Eagle 2 guard tour system

Innovative Design

That magnetic connection cable instead of traditional USB need not any download station with high download speed.

Be Convenient for Patrolling at Night

The perfect upgrade, throw away flashlights. It is not only convenient for guards to patrol but also decrease guards burden.

Eagle 2 guard tour system

Alarm Patrol

The device has the function of alarm. It will remind you to patrol.

Protect Your Security

It has the function of impacy records. The system could shows alarm data once guards fall down or meet other troubles after transferring the data to software.

Eagle 2 guard tour system

How Far You Walked

Only your phone has pedometer? Guard tour system also have the function of step counter.

More Function, Still Durable

Silicon tank protects main board. It is super durable and waterproof. The use time of device is more than your imagination.

Eagle 2 guard tour system

Intelligent Software

The software is multi-language. Intelligent tour plan meets different requirements, various charts and graphics display, data can be back-up automatically.

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