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Lancer 2
System Components
WM-5000LT Guard Tour system
Lancer 2 guard tour system

China’s First

Combine Touch with Real-time, that fills in gaps of security industry.

Focus on Details

Innovative gilded contact USB design, that solves the problem which traditional USB easy to be broken. Rigorousness is the best service.

Lancer 2 guard tour system
Lancer 2 guard tour system

Sturdy and Durable

Three proofings, military quality, the first real time one line system in the field. Three layers Protection. No screw on the surface let Lancer T more sturdy.

Perfect in Function

Alarm data and low power message upload real-time. That make Patrolling more safer.

Lancer 2 guard tour system

All for customers

Superior suppliers provide us the most reliable quality. We only provide you the less service to keep your maximal profit.

Lancer 2 guard tour system
Lancer 2 guard tour system

Capacitive Touch Screen -Panic Alarm

Capacitive touch screen makes it easy to send alarm. if anything emergency happens, press the button for alarm data sending

Wireless upload

The patrol data will be sent back to control center through GPRS/GSM network. Let you control your guard tour at real time.

Lancer 2 guard tour system
Lancer 2 guard tour system

Wider Market

Touching real time guard tour system, provide your customer more options.

Efficient Management

The software provide every report you want.
That makes your management more efficient.

Easy Operation

Only five steps, makes your installation easily.

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