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Lancer 5
System Components
WM-5000L5 Guard Tour system
Lancer 5 guard tour system

Control Anytime

The perfect fusion of 3G/GPRS and RFID. Just for safe and timely.

Unique Design

The safety yellow and strong gray. The tight wrap of silicon. Those make Lancer 5 more reliable.

Lancer 5 guard tour system
Lancer 5 guard tour system

Such Humanized Operation

Four Color LED prompt combines with vibration. That makes your operation so easily.

Can Be So Smart

SOS low power prompt. That makes the abrupt incident
be quickly resolved.

Lancer 5 guard tour system
Lancer 5 guard tour system

Perfect Details

Gold plated contact USB design, so that every detail of the guarantee of L5 quality.

The Fusion of Map and Software

Check the patrol situation and SOS location. That makes your management easier.

Lancer 5 guard tour system
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