JWM Long Range Guard Management System with Flashlight


  • Two modes to read checkpoint tags: The long-range mode uses 2.4GHz checkpoint tags, with a read range of over 30M, suitable for telecom towers, water towers, etc. The short-range mode uses a 125kHz checkpoint tag, with a read range of 3-5cm, suitable for general patrolling. The combination of both methods can meet the needs of more users.
  • Multifunctional patrol reader:  WM-5000V8 has a flashlight function, which makes it more convenient for security guards to patrol at night. It also has a screen to display time, compass, and temperature. It can also display low power, reading status, etc., which is more intelligent.
  • Download station: The patrol reader must not be linked to a computer via a data cable. Using the download station to transfer data, just put the patrol reader on the download station, no need to plug and unplug the data line. Making data transmission more efficient. (Optional)
  • Communication: The rover communicates directly with the computer through the data cable to transfer data. The function of the data cable and download seat is the same, use the download seat to transmit data more conveniently, with no need to plug and unplug the data cable every time.
  • Complete after-sales service: Lifetime technical service support. Provide detailed manuals, and video guides to assist you to set up the guard tour system. Also, 1v1 remote service is provided. 60 days free return and exchange.
  • Free cloud software: The standalone software is supplied by default. Installation packages are sent with the package. Software CUSTOMISATION service is available. If you need cloud software, please feel free to contact us. The cloud software can be logged in via the web and the data is interoperable on any computer which is more convenient.
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Product Details

Our Advantage

Two Reading Modes

  • 2.4GHz, read range over 30M
  • 125kHz, read range 3-5CM, suitable for general patrol

Download Station

  • The patrol reader can transfer data wirelessly through the download station.
  • The download station can input the checkpoint info to the software, making the installation more efficient.

Multifunctional Readers

  • Flashlight, security guards can also patrol at night.
  • OLED screen, you can see the screen even under strong light.
  • Time, temperature, compass, reduce the equipment needed for security guards and enhance work efficiency.

How To Use?


Stand-alone software

  • Installed via the CD in the package. Managers can set patrol schedules, view patrol reports, etc.
  • If the security guard misses the patrol time, it will show the missed patrol in the report. Managers can monitor the work of employees through reports.
  • Data can only be stored on one computer, and need to be reset the schedule after changing computers.

Cloud Software

  • Multi-computer data interoperability. Managers can view patrol reports on other computers even when they are on business trips.
  • Managers can view the report through APP, which is more convenient.
  • If you need cloud software, please feel free to tell us and we will register it for you for free.

Product Model Comparison

V8+T8 V5 X1 ES P4D
V8+T8 WM-5000V8-3.jpg
V5 V5.jpg
X1 X1.jpg
ES ES.jpg
P4D P4D.jpg
Data Transfer
Reading Mode
ES iButton
V8+T8 Magnetic cable
V5 Magnetic cable
X1 Magnetic cable
ES Magnetic cable
P4D Magnetic cable
IP Rating
V8+T8 IP67
V5 IP67
X1 IP67
P4D IP67
V8+T8 Vibration + OLED Display
V5 Vibration + Colorful LED Light
X1 Vibration + OLED Display + Voice Prompt
ES Vibration + Colorful LED Light
P4D Vibration + LED Flash + OLED Display + Voice Prompt




Reader+Download Station, Reader, Download Station


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