Prison Intelligent Management Solutions

Prison is one of the main places to keep criminals. The construction and use of the intelligent access control system of the prison will inject the new concept of scientific management into the supervision work of the prison, build the operation platform with higher scientific content for all aspects of work, and build the foundation for the high and new level of prison management in the new century. Through the modern high-tech prison access control system management means, the construction of a complete, integrated, reliable and easy to operate integrated prison access control system, so that it as an organic whole to monitor and manage the prison. Advancing a prison inmate management and administrative work of the informationization and modernization.
It mainly includes the following contents: AUDIO AND VIDEO MONITORING SYSTEM The subsystem is mainly used for sound and video signal acquisition and remote control. In order to ensure the security of the warehouse, so that the police can at any time and anywhere to see the movement of prisoners in the warehouse, each warehouse is required to install surveillance cameras. Due to the strict monitoring requirements of the detention center, images of corridors, stairways, public activity areas, perimeter, and main entrances and exits need to be monitored in real-time in the control center, so cameras need to be installed in these places for monitoring. In fact, it is not enough to have image monitoring in such a complex personnel environment as the warehouse. It is necessary to combine sound monitoring so that the police can control the real situation in the warehouse. Therefore, it is required to install the monitor in the appropriate position to conceal it. The monitor of the warehouse corresponds to the camera of the warehouse one by one. Similarly, the arraignment is also required to have a recording function, so that images and sounds are recorded synchronously for examination.
ALARM SYSTEM Considering the limitation of video monitoring in some specific environments, the alarm system should install alarm equipment in important parts such as warehouse and perimeter, and realize real-time detection of front-end alarm equipment in the main control room. And the system shows the location of alarm points by means of area indicator light or electronic map, accompanied by sound and light warning. The warehouse is equipped with the anti-riot emergency button. In case of emergency or special requirements, the prisoners can press the emergency button and call the duty officer of the monitoring center for alarm or help.
ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM Realize the control and management of imports and export by swiping cards. A prison is a place where the prisoners are held together, so the control of the door and the management of access to the door have become an important part of the whole prison security system.

GUARD TOUR SYSTEM In order to make the management of the detention center more humanized, the two-way intercom can be installed in the warehouse. When the prisoner pressed the emergency button, the control center officer activated the intercom system to communicate with the warehouse, providing conditions for emergency treatment. In addition, in order to avoid supervision loopholes during family visits, prisoners and relatives can be separated by a glass wall and communicated through the intercom system to prevent possible problems caused by physical contact. Guard tour system should be able to provide a recording function. Because of the particularity of the detention center, the dry police are required to patrol day and night in each warehouse and each door of the surveillance area. There are two types of patrol system: offline type and online type. Offline type requires no wiring and is cheap, but it does not have real-time patrol information upload. Online mode can upload patrol information in real-time, but it is more expensive to lay cables and inconvenient to expand. However, whether online or offline patrol data can be stored, queried, generated various reports and printed.