Power Transmission

As a basic industry, electric power has many security risks. In the links of power production, transmission, and distribution, if the equipment is not maintained and maintained in time, there will be problems such as electrical equipment aging, short circuit, and leakage, which will lead to electrical fires and electric shock accidents. In addition, the theft problem faced by the power industry is mainly the illegal theft of electricity and theft of power equipment. Through patrolling, problems of power equipment and facilities can be discovered and dealt with in time to avoid illegal theft.
Through the JWM guard patrol system, it can help power companies improve equipment operation efficiency, ensure power supply safety, improve inspection efficiency, realize data management and analysis, and improve customer satisfaction.

Improve equipment operating efficiency

Power facilities are a highly automated and integrated system. The patrol system can help power companies conduct comprehensive inspections and monitoring of equipment, detect and deal with faults and abnormal conditions in time, and improve equipment operation efficiency and stability.

The JWM Patrol System allows security personnel to upload incident reports to the power management center when they discover incidents such as equipment damage, equipment loss, and equipment aging. Ensure that incidents are discovered and resolved in a timely manner, avoiding greater potential safety hazards, and ensuring the stability and safety of power supply.
The patrol system can be used for safety inspections, such as checking the safety hazards such as cable wells, substation rooms, surrounding environment of high-voltage equipment, fire and leakage, etc., to ensure the safe and stable operation of power facilities.


Improve patrol efficiency

The traditional manual inspection method is inefficient and prone to omissions and mistakes. Through the patrol system, the efficiency and accuracy of patrols can be improved, and labor costs and error rates can be reduced. Use the patrol system to inspect the main equipment of the substation, such as transformers, switchgear and cables, etc., to find and deal with abnormal situations. The patrol system can record information such as patrol time, location and patrol results, and transmit it to the monitoring center in real time, which is convenient for managers to conduct data analysis and decision-making.

Data management and analysis

The guard tour system can record and upload the inspection data and inspection results in real time, which is convenient for power companies to carry out data management and analysis. Through data analysis, we can discover the laws and trends of equipment operation, predict possible failures and risks, and take timely measures to avoid failures and accidents.
The JWM guard patrol system provides a record of security personnel’s patrols and inspections, creating accountability for their actions. This helps ensure that security personnel perform their duties as expected and provides valuable evidence in the event of an incident.

Benefit of JWM Guard Patrol System

  • Preset patrol plan
  • Real-time tracking of employee task completion
  • Monitor patrol route
  • Notification of abnormal events
  • SOS guard accident push
  • Comprehensive patrol report
  • Cloud software management system

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JWM is committed to providing security patrol solutions for global users, and creating a safe world is the goal pursued by JWM. Today, more and more enterprises and users around the world enjoy the security protection brought by the JWM guard patrol system.
With the help of JWM guard tour system, the operating efficiency and safety of power facilities can be improved, the possibility of power failures can be reduced, and better services can be provided for power companies.