Project Description

What is Included in a JWM Package?

Perfect in Every Detail

Size Height 135mm
Width 85mm
Thickness 32mm
Weight 183g
IP RateIP67
Operating Temperature-25 ℃ ~+85 ℃
Reading ModeGPRS/ADSL Communication
CommunicationUSB, (CP2110, USB2.0, drive free) uploads 15,000
pieces of data per minute.
Batteryrated voltage : 3.7V
rated capacity : 2000Amh
Dimension : 73mm×25mm×8.9mm
Batter Life1. Read the card 500 times a day, turn on the flashlight for 2 hours,
and it can be used for 9 days.
2. 500 times a day for 45 days. 16 days after low power.
Data Storage4Mbit Flash
PromptBeep + LCD double prompt