Pipeline patrol – Petrochina Xinjiang Oilfield Company

Location:Petrochina Xinjiang Oilfield Company

Project Necessity

1. Due to the long pipeline line, long patrol time and distance, there is no scientific plan, which will lead to leakage.
2. Oil leakage caused by illegal criminals drilling and stealing oil, causing pollution to the environment.
3. After the detection of the attempted accident and hidden danger, the responsible person cannot timely report to the management center, and the delay in emergency repair results in the expansion of hidden danger and the increase of the harm.
4. In the past, manual records related to line operation and maintenance were used for routine patrol, which easily resulted in the loss of records and difficulties in preservation, making it difficult to provide correct and reliable data support for the development of future patrol plans.


Petrochina Xinjiang Oilfield Company the largest oil producer in western China, is part of China national petroleum corp.Western crude oil and product oil pipeline from Wulumuqi, Xinjiang in the west, to Lanzhou, Gansu in the east, with a total length of 3,690 kilometers, is laid in the same ditch with two lines. It is one of the longest transportation distance, the largest design pressure, the largest annual transportation volume and the highest degree of automation in China.Therefore, pipeline maintenance is very important, not only to ensure the normal operation of the pipeline, but also to protect the local environment on the pipeline line.JWM guard tour patrol system for Petrochina Xinjiang Oilfield Company to provide a strong security support, to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

Project Introduction

The patrol work needs to check the pipeline damage caused by the change of natural environment, man-made pipeline damage, equipment aging, auxiliary equipment operation, etc.JWM guard tour GPS patrol system can support patrol personnel to timely discover, timely report, timely tracking and processing of pipeline hidden dangers, to achieve the pipeline hidden dangers prevention and management of the whole life cycle.The GPS handheld guard tour system reader was first piloted in Xinjiang, where it can upload the patrol record sheet, and upload photos and relevant information at the same time when the alarm is raised.

Solve Problems

1. Through GPS/GIS, pipeline integrity management, communication and other methods and technologies to achieve the patrol system, can effectively make the designated patrol personnel, along the prescribed route, in the specified time to reach the designated location, enhance the scientific means of security management, technology is advanced.
2. The functions of taking photos and calling can be used to timely report, deal with and track unexpected accidents and security risks to avoid increasing the harm degree.
3. The check system can take the initiative to prevent pipeline hidden dangers and manage the whole life cycle, and assist pipeline managers in the controlled management of patrol plan, implementation and tracking, assessment and standards.
4. Realize the uploading of patrol track and patrol data, and provide track playback and data query.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000PH6