Pingdingshan Elderly Rehabilitation Center Guard Tour System

Location: Pingdingshan Elderly Rehabilitation Center

Project Necessity

Sanitarium is not a place that simply provides catering accommodation. With the progress of The Times, sanitarium has developed into a comprehensive enterprise that can provide people with medical care, catering entertainment, sports and leisure, conference reception, logistics support and other kinds of treatment and recuperation services. Nursing home safety and different from the general enterprise factory, nursing homes also have a very uncertain factor — ” Floating Personnel”.


The nursing home is an area where high-risk groups live together, and it is also a place prone to accidents and cases. In order to strengthen the security patrol of the nursing home, the JWM guard tour management system is introduced to conduct 24-hour security monitoring of nursing homes and implement preventive measures. By placing patrol points in nursing areas, rehabilitation treatment centers, restaurants, and other important locations for patrol, the security administrators and nurses are required to conduct 24-hour patrol and record, which reduces the security risks of the nursing center, enhances the safety factor of the elderly and makes the family more assured. 

Project Introduction

“5.25” Pingdingshan elderly rehabilitation center fire accident, once again caused the whole society to care for the safety of nursing institutions. The immediate cause of the accident was a lack of awareness of safety concerns, but the tragedy that escalated and resulted in the loss of life occurred because there were no caretakers on duty, and by the time the tragedy happened it was too late. As people get older and lose the ability to care for themselves and their children, or as we get older ourselves, the care center or community for the elderly may become the destination of this final stage of life. 

Solve Problems

1. According to the requirements of JWM patrol management software, check whether there is any illegal use or storage of inflammable and explosive products. 

2. Check whether there is any violation of regulations on smoking, throwing cigarette butts and matches, and make a key patrol on the locations where smoking is prohibited. 

3. Check whether there is occupation, blockage, closure of evacuation channels, safety exits or other phenomena hindering safe evacuation. 

4. Make key patrols to check whether fire control facilities are damaged, misappropriated or dismantled or suspended without authorization, and timely deal with and replace the problematic facilities. 

Product Introduction

Long Range Multifunctional Security RFID Management System WM-5000V8