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Project Necessity

Natural gas is one of the most important energy sources in today’s society. It is usually transported by pipelines. It has the characteristics of high energy, high pressure, inflammable, explosive, toxic and harmful. Therefore, it is extremely important to analyze the main causes of leakage accidents and strengthen the safety management of natural gas pipelines.


In order to the safety of the pipeline, Zibo Jinjie natural gas pipeline transportation service co., ltd is equipped with a JWM GPS intelligent guard tour device for each security guard. Carry out patrol according to the work plan. When the patrol point is reached, collect information and send the on-site situation to the management center in real-time.

Project Introduction

Zibo jinjie natural gas pipeline transportation service co., Ltd. Business scope for natural gas pipeline transportation, natural gas pipeline technology development, installation, natural gas development and application, technical consulting services, currently has a CNG oil and gas station, after years of development, construction of various pipelines more than 100 kilometers and a large number of gas facilities.

Solve Problems

1. Through the JWM management software, the establishment and supervision of pipeline patrol lines can be completed to enhance the scientific means of security management, and real-time monitoring of security guards can be realized to achieve the purpose of centralized management.
2. Strictly monitor the pipeline to ensure the safety of the pipeline. In the process of pipeline patrol, the functions of JWM guard tour device taking photos and calling can be used to timely deal with emergencies and security risks.
3. Realize all the uploading of patrol track and patrol data, provide track playback and data query, and obtain more scientific patrol data.
4. Can collect patrol data at any time, and upload it to the management center to formwork reports, conduct data analysis, and nip hidden dangers in the cradle.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000P5+