Patrol System of Zhejiang Yuhuan City People Service Center

Location: Zhejiang Yuhuan City People Service Center

Project Necessity

In order to strengthen safety management of Zhejiang province Yuhuan city service center for the people, service center introduced the JWM patrolling management system, prompting security guards according to the rules of office building and the surrounding areas to designated patrol regularly, in order to find hidden trouble and solve in time, this way of patrol can greatly strengthen the security service center, the security guards to patrol work for effective supervision and management.


Before the service center is to rely on the consciousness of security guards to check, part of the security guards with their own experience on the patrol record for fraud, patrol when lazy, destroy check-in tools and so on, to the management staff caused a lot of trouble. At the same time the management difficulty increases, it also makes the office building has a great potential safety hazard. After a long – term investigation and trial, the final introduction of the JWM patrol management system. The management personnel can carry on the arrangement automatically through the backstage system software. Improve work efficiency, and provide scientific and accurate patrol information and query basis for managers.

Project Introduction

With the approval of the State Council, Yuhuan city agrees to abolish Yuhuan county and establish county level Yuhuan city. Yuhuan city is directly administered by Zhejiang province, Taizhou city.

Solve Problems

1. Solved excessive reliance on the security personnel’s sense of responsibility, difficulty in supervision and performance evaluation, and easy to fake.
2. The management personnel managed the patrol software through JWM and made the patrol plan and route. The centralized management of personnel inside and outside the office building has greatly improved the efficiency of the patrol.
3. Through unified management of data, reduce time waste caused by manual data sorting and eliminate data fraud.
4. Ensure that security guards regularly patrol property infrastructure and fire control equipment, and deal with abnormalities or emergencies found in the patrol in a timely manner to prevent the expansion of hazards.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V4S