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Project Necessity

1.The oil extraction equipment parts are often stolen on the production well, and the electric chassis, brake, and gearbox are damaged and cannot be repaired and handled in a timely manner, causing great economic losses and affecting the safety of production and operation.
2.The debris piled around the bracket and base of “head knocking machine” was not cleaned up. Some guardrail and warning signs in high-risk operation areas have been damaged and not repaired or replaced in a timely manner.
3.The site relies on manual patrol and record to complete the collection and processing of patrol data. The quality of security guards is different.


JWM Guard Tour System, According to the plan of the oil factory, the checkpoint will be installed on the line and equipment that need to be patrolled. During the patrol, the checkpoint will be scanned with the patrol rod, which will automatically record the patrol time, location, security guards, and other information. The record will be to arrive where at the end of the patrol records in the patrolling machine, can be transmitted to the computer, to return to consult the details of implementation of scientific management and supervision of security guards, then improve the on-site and equipment patrolling, reduce the material loss and damage, reduce the incidence of the accident.

Project Introduction

With the development of China’s economy, the scale of production enterprises has expanded and the production tasks have increased continuously. The following equipment management and production management are faced with great challenges, and accidents caused by improper management emerge one after another. However, the occurrence of all accidents is by no means accidental, there must be many inevitable factors, every accident must have a number of hidden dangers, but not timely discovered or recognized. Accidents seem to have nothing to do with people, but most of them are man-made. Many accidents could have been completely avoided if safety hazards had been identified early.

Solve Problems

1. Reduce accidents and losses caused by equipment theft and damage by setting patrol tasks through the system, and also meet the requirements of safe production to ensure the safe and effective operation of equipment.
2. Improve the quality of patrol and the patrol intensity of equipment, so as to make the patrol serious and complete, and deal with problems in a timely manner, thus creating a good operating environment for the equipment and reducing potential safety risks of casualties.
3. Through information management, the work of the security guards is quantitatively assessed to avoid “experience patrol”, improve the sense of responsibility of the security guards, and reduce the phenomenon of unreality.
4. To ensure the quality of patrol, various problems can be solved and dealt with as soon as possible to avoid the expansion of losses. In this process, the patrol system can be adapted to analyze the information and provide useful information for the patrol, so as to solve the problems in the bud and prevent them in the bud.

Product Introduction

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