Patrol-Wenzhou Air Traffic Management Station of Civil Aviation of China

Location: Wenzhou Air Traffic Management Station of Civil Aviation of China

Project Necessity

When the car is driving on the highway, there are traffic police to maintain the traffic order. So who keeps the plane in order when it’s flying high? The answer is air traffic controllers, known as “air traffic police.” There are no traffic lights or sentry boxes in the sky, and they use radar, radio waves and other equipment to control the endless “sky road”.


According to the particularity of the tower, the JWM patrol system designs the patrol flow and strengthens the supervision of the patrol work. In advance, the patrol point will be installed in the gate post that needs to be patrolled, and the security gate, checkpoint, and equipment of each floor will be on. While patrolling, the patrol point will be scanned with the patrol stick and the patrol time, position, personnel, and other information will be automatically recorded. This record will serve as the basis for the patrol personnel to arrive at the place. After the patrol, the information will be automatically analyzed and intelligently processed through the data connection to the computer management system, and the detailed information will be retained for reference, so as to realize the scientific management and supervision of the security guards and provide a safe operating environment for the tower.

Project Introduction

Civil aviation station in Wenzhou is responsible for the civil aviation activities within the jurisdiction of command, coordination, the purpose of providing air traffic control and the communication navigation surveillance, navigation information, aviation meteorological services, and is responsible for the important flight activities and search and rescue of a civil aircraft security work, committed to maintaining open-air traffic route, ensuring the safety of the aircraft flight.

Solve Problems

1. Set up JWM patrol software to enable patrol personnel to patrol according to regulations. Conscientiously perform safety duties, can pay more attention to personal security and important equipment safety.
2. Patrol around the tower, control and manage the entry and exit of personnel, vehicles, and goods, perform surveillance, and the mobile patrol can guarantee the alert state at any time and organize the defense in a timely manner.
3. Make regular patrol, alarm system around the key patrol zone, alarm detector and TV monitoring device in key parts, and entrance and exit control equipment to ensure the normal operation of its functions.
4. Analyze and process patrol information through JWM background software, provide useful information for security work, develop corresponding strategies, solve problems in the bud and prevent them in the bud.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V4S