Patrol System for Dalian University of Foreign Languages

Location:Dalian University of Foreign Languages

Project Necessity

1. The surrounding environment of the campus is complex. The surrounding environment is complex . Especially on weekends or holidays, a large number of students, parents, and vehicles crowd the school gate;
2. Some areas of the school have not been equipped with an electronic monitoring system, so there is a problem of monitoring dead space. Criminals may brazenly go to the campus to pick quarrels, steal and rob property, fight, etc. It directly endangers the personal and property safety of teachers, students, school staff and seriously affects the stability of the campus;
3. There is no safety fence in some parts of the school, and there are no basic facilities to ensure the safety of students. At the same time, there are aging electric wires and damage problems, which have not been repaired in time, forming a hidden danger of safety;


It is a new measure for the school to strengthen the work of security and stability, and also an effective way to strengthen the students’ “self-management, self-education, self-prevention, and self-service”. The school through the use of high-tech products GPS guard patrol system, as well as the school security team members, thought and business training, make it truly become a safe, civilized, harmonious campus good helper.

Project Introduction

Dalian foreign languages school campus has a reasonable layout, beautiful campus environment and all kinds of functional classrooms, which fully embodies the characteristics of modernization, human culture, intelligence, and digitization.

The school security department is responsible for the daily safety and protection of the campus. The application of the guard patrol management system is mainly used for campus patrol, preventing accidents, guaranteeing personal and property safety, and ensuring students’ safety and health during the school period. Moreover, it further strengthens the campus safety, stability and civilization construction of the college.

Using scientific and high-tech patrol products – online GPS guard tour system, for 24 hours, a full range of patrol.

Solve Problems

1. Formulate patrol guard, time, task and patrol plan, conduct quantitative assessment of patrol guard’s work, and avoid people leaving their posts; 2. Security guard through high-tech GPS guard tour system, can guarantee regular regularly in the school campus, the office building, dormitory, and various monitoring corner guard, reduce the incidence of accidents, reduce the incidence of theft looting, for no one classroom open electric fan, light and closed also reduces the waste of resources;
3. Dealing with lawbreakers and unexpected events. To call for help through GPS positioning, the security room can dispatch the personnel closest to the accident site to deal with or assist, so as to minimize the loss;
4. To ensure the quality of patrol, problems can be understood and discovered in a timely manner, various contradictions can be resolved and handled as soon as possible, so as to avoid the expansion and intensification of the situation. In this process, the electronic patrol inspection system can be fully utilized to analyze and process the information, provide useful information for security work, and solve the problems in the bud.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000P5+