Patrol System – China Motor Vehicle Safety Appraisal and Testing Center

Location: China Motor Vehicle Safety Appraisal and Testing Center

Project Necessity

The patrol of the building of China’s vehicle patrol center always relies on the consciousness of the security guards to conduct the patrol and then use A4 paper to print the form for check-in records. Some security guards with their own experience to falsify the patrol records, patrol when lazy, broken check-in tools and so on, to the management staff caused a lot of trouble. At the same time the management difficulty increases, it also makes the office building has a great potential safety hazard. After a lot of research and long-term trial, finally, introduce the JWM guard tour management system to patrol the office building management. In the process of patrol, security guards can take pictures of the induction type patrol machine, and then through the background system software automatically processing, analysis, statistics, making statements. Improve work efficiency, and provide scientific and accurate patrol information and query basis for managers.


In order to strengthen the safety work management of the building of the Chinese motor vehicle safety identification and testing center, as well as the management of the patrol situation of the security guards, JWM developed its own inductive patrol system according to its needs. Through this set of system to promote the security guards according to the provisions of patrol management measures to the office building and other areas of regular fixed point patrol, so as to find hidden dangers and timely solve, this patrol can greatly strengthen the security work of the center, the security of the security guards patrol effective supervision and management.

Project Introduction

Chinese motor vehicle safety appraisal testing center was established in January 1988, mainly engaged in anti-counterfeiting printing, train line design and calibration of measurement and applications such as traffic safety products development and production as well as the road traffic safety propaganda, motor vehicle detection technology research, the motor vehicle safety technical patrol agency qualification management policy propaganda, certification safety anti-counterfeiting technology research of propaganda, editing, publishing and other business enterprises owned by the whole people.

Solve Problems

1. Formulated patrol personnel, time, task and patrol plan, conducted quantitative assessment on the work of patrol personnel, and avoided the loss of staff.

2. The guard tour system software has the function of customized patrol plan, and makes the patrol plan perfectly according to the characteristics of the community to improve the efficiency of patrol and management efficiency.

3. Through the background software analysis and processing of patrol information, useful information can be provided for the management staff, corresponding strategies can be formulated, and problems can be solved in the bud and nip in the bud.

Product Introduction

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