Patrol-Stora Enso Integrated Plant

Location: Stora Enso Integrated Plant

Project Necessity

Because the pulp and paper integrated plant in the production, management, storage, transportation and use of the process there will be dangerous chemical leakage and fire hazards, a little negligence will lead to accidents, to the people’s lives and property and the ecological environment caused a great loss. Therefore stora enso integration factories introduce JWM Intelligent GPS Patrol Management System, through the study of the patrol of factory equipment and fire control facilities setting, also on surrounding patrol of eucalyptus plantation, the system may require the security guards in accordance with the security system of checking work, not only for more standardized safety and quality, also can be used to backend software patrol information analysis and processing, formulate the corresponding strategy and the accident emergency rescue work, the problems in the bud.


Security guards carry GPS patrol device, according to the plan in the factory area and artificial forest area patrol line patrol, through the GPRS network will be sent to the satellite positioning data information real-time monitoring management center, management center can be timely to security guards working state effective monitoring. When an emergency is found, the manual alarm button on the security guards can be triggered to report abnormal alarm information to the management center for timely treatment. On the electronic map of the management center, the route and location information of the security guards can be tracked and displayed in real-time, as well as the specific location of the alarm information. So as to achieve the purpose of effective management of the working status and the emergency situation of the security guards.

Project Introduction

Stora Enso is the world’s oldest paper group with origins in Sweden and Finland. It started operations in 1288, which is equivalent to the yuan dynasty in China. Stora Enso is a leading global supplier of renewable solutions for packaging, biomass, wood construction and paper industries.

Solve Problems

1. Conduct general survey, classification and statistics of hazardous chemicals within the factory area as required, regularly track the quantity, storage location and use of each hazardous chemical, and include them in the dynamic information table.
2. Solved the complex environment and construction difficulties in the artificial forest region, realized the artificial monitoring of the forest region, effectively responded to sudden safety fire prevention accidents, quickly controlled the development of the situation, and reduced fire accidents.
3. Through clear track playback, security guards can be better supervised and real-time data transmission can be more timely and effective in solving emergencies.
4. Analyze and process the patrol information through the background software, provide useful information for the patrol work, formulate corresponding strategies, and solve the problems in the bud and nip them in the bud. 

Product Introduction

GPS Tracking Watchman Clocking System