Patrol-Shenyang Aerospace University

Location: Shenyang Aerospace University

Project Necessity

In recent years, the numerous public safety emergencies in our school, campus security has risen to national level, to strengthen security work, the implementation of the corrective measures to strengthen the guard work, quickly organized the campus security patrol,find safe hidden trouble, the safety problems in the scientific management, to ensure the safety of the school, has been widely recognized.


It is a new measure to strengthen the safety and stability of the school guard to adopt the JWM guard tour system. It is also an effective way to strengthen students’ self-management, self-education, self-prevention, and self-service. In the future, the college will strengthen the use of the JWM GPS guard tour system device, as well as the ideological and business training for the members of the school guard, so that it can truly become a good helper to create a safe, civilized and harmonious campus.

Project Introduction

Shenyang University of aeronautics and astronautics aviation aerospace is a key to the characteristic, is the ministry of education, China aviation industry group company with three parties in Liaoning province colleges and universities, is the defense department bureau and build colleges and universities in Liaoning province, is the national 18 air force depends on the cultivation of reserve officers are one of the local colleges and universities, is the equipment manufacturing industry of Liaoning province talented person cultivation base, basic construction has become a “national defense science and technology talent training base”, “Liaoning old industrial revitalization of the talent training base” and “air force reserve officer training base”.

Solve Problems

1. Put an end to the phenomenon that security guards cannot scientifically and accurately assess and manage, effectively supervise the daily patrol work of security guards, and put the management work of patrol guards into practice.
2. Patrolling by security guards can reduce the occurrence of campus violence and various uncivilized phenomena.
3. Effectively deal with all kinds of emergencies, greatly improve work efficiency.
4. Inspect important places to reduce the incidence of crimes and property losses.

Product Introduction

GPS Tracking Watchman Clocking System