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Location: Shanghai Kimberley Diamond Co., LTD

Project Necessity

With the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more successful people favor diamonds, and a lot of diamond manufacturers have been established in China. It is not easy to stand out in these diamond manufacturers. In addition to establishing strict quality standards and perfect quality control system, Shanghai Kimberley diamond co., ltd. also has professional management of exclusive stores, making Kimberley diamond a representative of high quality and a first-class diamond brand with famous quality. When it comes to the management of the franchise, we have to say the security of the franchise.


The diamond is pure, transparent and long-lasting, symbolizing eternal existence, while Kimberley diamond store makes security as impregnable and long-lasting as diamond through the use of the JWM Guard Tour System. In order to ensure that the security guards can fulfill their duties, within a reasonable set time, on time, according to the route of patrol, to ensure that the work is strict and effective, in the event of an emergency can respond as soon as possible, to ensure that the store has no security risks.

Project Introduction

Shanghai Kimberley diamond co., LTD., founded on May 18, 1995, is a collection of diamond design, grinding, retail as one of the largest diamond retailers in China, sales network and office offices throughout the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Belgium. In mainland China alone, there are 710 franchised stores in 30 provinces and cities. The company headquarters is located in Shanghai Kimberley diamond industrial park, Pudong new area Chuan Sha economic park, covers an area of 22,000 square meters, the annual processing and design capacity of 150,000 carats.

Solve Problems

1. During the operation of the franchise store, conduct safety patrol in the store, in front of the store and at the booth to prevent man-made damage.
2. According to the patrol plan, theft, fire, and public security incidents can be prevented. At the same time, doors, Windows and exhibition cabinets should be checked for any abnormalities, changes or damages.
3. According to the plan, the patrol can deal with the general public security, fire control cases and customer complaints in front of the store and inside the store. In case of emergency, contact the captain in time and quickly mobilize personnel to deal with it.
4. Make the patrol record well documented, prevent security guards from missing patrol, improve safety awareness, and realize scientific and modern management.

Product Introduction

High-light Flashlight Security Checkpoint System