Patrol-Shandong Weihai Public Security Bureau Huan Cui Branch

Location: Shandong Weihai Public Security Bureau Huan Cui Branch

Project Necessity

In order to create a stable and harmonious public security environment, the public security sub-bureau of Huan Cui district plans to establish a 24-hour dynamic public security management service mode, so as to realize unified command, the linkage of police and rapid response. According to the specific needs of the sub-bureau, Shenyang JWM high-tech development co., LTD has developed an intelligent patrol system for auxiliary police, patrol police and border defense comprehensive management. The system uses GPS global positioning technology and computer network communication and data processing technology, and integrates organically with the management of public security patrol business, realizing the digital and intelligent management of public security patrol, and comprehensively improving the overall combat capability of the branch.


Public security patrol personnel carry GPS patrol in the area of the patrol, according to the established patrol route for patrol. GPS guard tour system can obtain the position coordinates of security guards in real-time and upload them. On the big screen of the system background monitoring, the position and patrol track of the security guards can be checked in real-time. In case of emergency, the police can be quickly deployed. According to the established patrol plan, the management personnel will conduct query, statistics, and analysis on the data uploaded to the platform, and master the situation of undetected and missed data in real-time, so as to provide a scientific and accurate basis for supervision and management.

Project Introduction

Huancui branch of the Shandong Weihai public security bureau insists on the goal of “breaking serious cases and killing cases”, keeps the high-pressure situation of cracking down on illegal crimes, and tries hard to build the security line of public security under its jurisdiction. While strengthening the street patrol, the Huan Cui sub-bureau vigorously promotes the construction of a dynamic monitoring system to lay a solid foundation for scientific and technological prevention and control.

Solve Problems

1. Strengthen the quantitative assessment within the sub-bureau and adopt advanced technical means to assess the workload of patrol officers.
2. The sub-bureau can timely understand the work dynamics and action track of the patrol.
3. In case of an emergency, the patrolman can send alarm information through the GPS guard tour in time.
4. Promote the construction of social security prevention and control system, and strive to create a safe city.

Product Introduction

GPS Tracking Watchman Clocking System