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Shandong Baolongda New Materials Co., Ltd

Project Necessity

  • 1. The company’s product materials are inflammable, and it is easy to cause safety risks if the patrol is not in place. 
  • 2. The fire control facilities were neglected to check for a long time, resulting in the equipment aging, expired and unusable. 
  • 3. Due to a large number of managers, the traditional patrol cannot ensure the accuracy and completeness of data records. 


In order to strengthen the company’s security management, let the security officers in charge of the patrol each equipped with a JWM intelligent guard tour system. According to the work plan, in the specified time, along with their own jurisdiction track patrol. Collect information as required, and carry out patrol and maintenance. To send the actual situation of the site to the management center in real-time. JWM patrol system to solve the complex production environment, construction difficulties, and other difficult problems. It has realized the monitoring and management of the plant security guards, played the role of preventing damage to the equipment in the plant, and effectively eliminated a variety of safety hidden dangers.

Check equipment as per the procedure

Project Introduction

Shandong Baolongda New Materials Co., Ltd. It is a newly invested company of Baolongda group, which specializes in the synthesis and purification of organosilicon series products. Through the introduction of new technology and technical personnel, the silicone rubber project has brought the quality of the main raw materials to the same level. At present, it is an enterprise specialized in organic silicon synthesis and purification with a large scale in the same industry in China. 

Solve Problems

  • 1. JWM patrol management system ensures that high-risk areas are patrolled on time every day to eliminate the source of hidden dangers. 
  • 2. Check the fire facilities regularly to ensure they are available at any time. 
  • 3. The cloud patrol system records the security guards’ patrol time and solves the occurrence of missing patrol and wrong patrol. 4. The manager can watch the patrol record through the mobile phone at any time, which solves the constraint of only viewing the record in the host.

Product Introduction

High-light Flashlight Security Checkpoint System WM-5000V4S