Patrol-Liaoyang City Water Purification Co., LTD

Location: Liaoyang City Water Purification Co., LTD

Project Necessity

With the progress of human society, the improvement of people’s living standards, rapid economic development, industrial production has also emerged. With the increasingly serious environmental pollution, water resources have become an important factor in threatening people’s health. Water purification and routine patrol and maintenance have become an important project of the water purification company.


Managers according to the actual situation, the need to focus on the location of the installation of patrol points. And the information of the security guards and the patrol time are recorded into the JWM electronic patrol system. The guard tour system will automatically draw the information into the patrol plan. After the end of the patrol, link the data line with the computer end and upload the information to the system to make a patrol table for the manager to check. Patrol records more accurate and clear.

Project Introduction

Liaoyang city water purification co., LTD., founded on April 15, 2012, is a wholly state-owned enterprise. Responsible for the production, operation, and management of the Liaoyang city water purification plant. Because the water resources necessary for people’s life have seriously affected our living environment, water purification has become an important project.

Solve Problems

1. Solved the problem that the equipment in the workshop could not be found in time when it was running, which resulted in equipment damage or greater danger.
2. Solved the situation that the security guards worked negatively, the routine patrol was not in place, the leakage of the patrol was not even the patrol.
3. Solved the problem that the management could not know whether the paper patrol records filled in by the patrol staff were accurate and whether there were any conceals.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V4S