Patrol-Liaoning Provincial Agricultural Machinery Quality Supervision and Management Station

Location: Liaoning Provincial Agricultural Machinery Quality Supervision and Management Station

Project Necessity

For a long time, Liaoning agricultural machinery management station relies on the traditional way to conduct patrol management, patrol records are manually signed in, do not see any problems, but the overall security patrol will always appear security risks and agricultural machinery equipment damage. Due to the lack of a good patrol management system, there is no way to check the security guards’ patrol situation, only rely on the security guards’ consciousness to ensure the safety of the equipment in the station.


In order to ensure the security guards can patrol according to the requirements and the safe operation of agricultural machinery equipment, Liaoning provincial agricultural machinery quality supervision and management station introduced the JWM patrol management system, centralized management of the station security, and analysis and processing of patrol information. The station management personnel through the installation of checkpoints in the agricultural machinery warehouse, so that security guards according to the requirements of patrol, at the same time on the station fire facilities hidden trouble screening. Patrol personnel scan patrol points, patrol information will be automatically recorded in the equipment and can be passed into the computer patrol software data statistics and query, reduce the leakage and error patrol phenomenon, to achieve scientific security patrol management.

Project Introduction

Quality supervision and management of agricultural machinery is a new work born under the condition of the socialist market economy and an important part of socialized service. It marks the agricultural mechanization work has entered a new stage of development, is the national station earlier, more personnel, the strength of one of the strong agricultural machinery test identification organizations.

Solve Problems

1. Solve the problem of leakage patrol, strengthen the on-duty duty, strictly implement the patrol plan and system, earnestly perform the duties, real-time transmission of data can ensure the 24-hour communication unimpeded.
2. Strengthen the investigation of fire hazards, check the fire prevention and fire-fighting equipment, and ensure that all fire-fighting equipment is in good condition.
3. In case of an emergency, it can timely report and start the emergency plan for proper disposal through a one-key alarm to minimize the loss caused by accidents and disasters.
4. Strengthen the maintenance of agricultural machinery and equipment to ensure the safety of agricultural machinery and equipment.
5. Instead of the traditional check-in form, B/S version patrol management software is adopted to realize the unified management and maintenance of data and realize the unified management of security guards’ patrol situations.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000L5