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A routine patrol of chemical plant

Project Necessity

A small fault in the chemical industry is very likely to lead to death and injury accidents because the discovery is not timely, its production is directly related to the safety of the state and people’s lives and property, related to the survival, stability, and development of the enterprise, related to the immediate interests of the workers. Therefore, the production characteristics of chemical enterprises determine to improve the quality of equipment patrol, which is an effective way to achieve safe production. 


In order to standardize working system, improve the quality of patrol, timely detection equipment and the problems such as route of patrol, at the same time, according to the characteristics of chemical equipment production, the company uses JWM intelligent guard tour system, to regular patrol devices, operation, achieved good effect, has provided the safeguard for devices safe and smooth running.

Equipment safety patrol

Project Introduction

Since the establishment of the company, the device position patrol work has been using the traditional way of the patrol. However, due to the inconsistent patrol mode and interval time of each unit, and some employees often fail to follow the required route patrol during the patrol, and equipment hidden dangers in operation cannot be found in time, etc. It is also difficult for functional departments to define the standards for staff patrol. 

Solve Problems

  • 1. Set up patrol tasks through Security Guard Management Software to ensure security guards’ equipment operation on time and realize scientific electronic management. 
  • 2. Through targeted patrol, the situation of missed patrol and wrong patrol was reduced, and the requirements of safety production were met to ensure the safe, effective and stable operation of equipment. 
  • 3. Improve the quality of patrol and the patrol of equipment, so as to ensure that the patrol is serious and in place, and problems are found and promptly dealt with, thus creating a good operating environment for the equipment and reducing safety risks. 
  • 4. Through the guard tour system, the patrol information is analyzed to provide useful information for the patrol work, and corresponding strategies are developed to solve the problems in the bud and nip them in the bud.

Product Introduction

Long Range Multifunctional Security RFID Management System WM-5000V8