Patrol-Jindao Ecological Park, Rugao Mayor, Jiangsu Province

Location: Jindao Ecological Park, Rugao Mayor, Jiangsu Province

Project Necessity

The pace of daily work and life of office workers who have lived in the city for a long time is tense. Many people are eager to take a small vacation during the holidays. Due to the restriction of time and traffic, choosing to go to the ecological park for vacation has become a good place for people to seek fun and relax. Ecological park is set tourism, entertainment, accommodation, catering, meeting as one of the leisure tourism scenic area, such a scenic area management scope is expanded, passenger flow is also large, so the responsibility of scenic area safety management is also the most important. In order to ensure the life and property safety of tourists and fire safety of the scenic area, the scenic area management center has taken a number of measures and established and improved the prevention and control system of safety production.


Tourist safety patrol is the protection agency for daily safety management of scenic spots and is responsible for the safety protection of public areas of scenic spots. Full-time safety protection guards are set up in the areas and places where tourists are concentrated, and mobile safety protection guards are set up in the whole scenic spot, and the scenic spot is subject to 24-hour all-round monitoring. In the process of patrol, the security guards will carry out patrol according to the set time and place, and record the patrol information through the induction location card. The quality of patrol is guaranteed, and the situation of security guards leaving the post and missing post is reduced. Patrol software can export patrol data with one key to facilitating analysis and statistics and centralized management of security guards.

Project Introduction

Gold island by the river, the season is clear, river, landscape chess. Thirty thousand vigorous ginkgo trees, twenty thousand towering metanoias, and countless peach, pear, plum, poplar trees constitute a natural ecological garden, where thousands of birds settle down and live. This is a paradise of plants and birds, but also a natural and fresh natural oxygen bar. Jindao strives to build a culture of “Yangtze river, long life and long green” and ecological culture of harmonious coexistence between man and nature. Meanwhile, relying on the advantaged ecological environment, it builds a platform of health management and leisure and health preservation, making the park a blessing for people to prolong their lives.

Solve Problems

1. Guard Tour Management System can improve public safety and the ability to deal with emergencies in scenic spots, prevent and reduce emergencies and their losses to the greatest extent, and guarantee the safety of people’s lives and property.
2. Patrol on time can conduct an investigation on various risks that may cause personal and property damage to tourists in the scenic area, and make rectification in time if hidden dangers are found.
3. Patrol can monitor the mobile people entering the scenic area and prevent illegal elements from harming the person and property safety of tourists.
4. Ensure the quality of patrol to patrol the buildings and trees in the scenic area, and prevent hanging objects and dead branches from falling, which may harm the people safety of tourists.
5. Ensure the quality of patrol. The safety of various facilities and equipment in the scenic area can be evaluated, and the facilities such as plank road, protective fence, and anti-skid equipment can be patrol regularly to ensure their safety.
6. Strengthen scenic spot patrol, which can stop tourists from violating regulations, sleeping in the wild, bathing in the wild, climbing and other behaviors, and prevent safety accidents.

Product Introduction

High-light Flashlight Security Checkpoint System