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Location: Hebei Huailai Jingxi Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Market co., LTD

Project Necessity

In terms of management, especially patrol management, large-scale wholesale markets are very lax. Security guards are lazy and do not patrol, and there are no hard targets for patrol. In many cases, the blockage of water inlet in the market affects the normal business of the market. In order to maintain the order of the market, Jingxi fruit and vegetable wholesale market introduced the JWM guard tour management systemreal-time grasp the security guards on the spot, better improve the market function, so that the overall construction standards and professional level gradually improve.


Through the introduction of the JWM patrol management system to supervise and manage the security guards , the patrol plan to establish the post responsibility system, the implementation of 24-hour on-duty system, not only improve the enterprise’s management system, but also improve the security guards’ sense of Safety awareness , to ensure the storage of fruits and vegetables.

Project Introduction

Jingxi fruit and vegetable wholesale market is a large-scale comprehensive agricultural and sideline products wholesale market established in March 2001. The market relies on Zhangjiakou city million mu pollution-free vegetable base and 2 million mu high-quality fruit base. The market can increase farmers’ income by up to 40 million yuan per year, and create more than 5,000 indirect jobs for the population, which really plays a leading role in industrialization. At present, the market has been built into a large-scale comprehensive wholesale market integrating processing, storage, and distribution.

Solve Problems

1. Deal with old and damaged equipment through patrol to reduce potential safety risks.
2. Ensure that the security guards carry out the patrol as required, 24 hours a day.
3. Improve internal management chaos, provide standardized and professional management assessments, and make security guards no longer lazy.
4. Through one-key emergency alarm, disputes or other urgent matters can be timely handled.
5. Real-time treatment of incoming water pollution, monitoring whether the market garbage is disposed of, providing a safe and green trading environment for the market.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000L5