Patrol-Hangzhou Jianggan District Public Security Bureau

Location: Hangzhou Jianggan District Public Security Bureau

Project Necessity

The development of the society needs stability, and the primary task of the public security organs is to create a harmonious social environment. In order to further strengthen social security work, prevent robbery, burglary, and other cases, Hangzhou Jianggan district public security sub-bureau combined with the current social security situation, effectively strengthen the patrol prevention and control work, to ensure the overall social security continued stability.


The patrol management system can make the patrol work more real-time and intelligent through patrol softwarepatrol equipment, and personnel card. The patrol management mechanism can be further improved. Timely and effectively integrate data resources together to form a new globally integrated grid patrol working mechanism.

Project Introduction

The main responsibilities of the public security bureau include preventing, stopping and investigating illegal activities, maintaining public security and order, stopping ACTS that endanger public security and order, supervising and managing public information network security supervision, guiding public security and prevention work, etc.

Solve Problems

1. Effectively maintain social security and stability on the basis of arranging patrol mobile groups around key areas and routes and implementing round-the-clock patrol prevention and control.
2. According to the actual situation of public security, a scientific patrol work plan has been formulated to arrange patrol points in densely populated and main road sections to strengthen patrol control and enhance people’s sense of security.
3. JWM guard tour system can Strengthen information collection and timely recording of patrol data, patrol officers to patrol around the city, enhance security control and enhance public satisfaction.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V5