Patrol-Hainan Yuqi Pharmaceutical Factory

Location: Hainan Yuqi Pharmaceutical Factory

Project Necessity

The patrol work of Hainan yuqi pharmaceutical factory is generally recorded by manual attendance book or sampling patrol by leaders. With the development of The Times, its disadvantages are more and more obvious. This kind of traditional patrol method has poor reliability, low efficiency, insufficient record authenticity of patrol, easy to fake, managers are not easy to accurately grasp the working conditions of security guards, resulting in security guards lazy and slack occurs from time to time.


Yuqi pharmaceutical industry by introducing JWM Guard Tour management system, through electronic patrol centralized management security guards can guarantee can dutiful patrol, set in a reasonable period of time, on time, on route to patrol all areas, ensuring work closely, in the case of emergency response as soon as possible, but also to ensure the safety of the patrol. JWM Guard Tour System is an important part of security technology system in, can realize the supervision and management of scientific and effective patrol within the prescribed period of time, in accordance with the provisions, the patrol route and place high-tech system, improve the patrol of the sense of responsibility, enthusiasm, promptly eliminate hidden dangers, nip in the bud.

Project Introduction

Hainan yuqi pharmaceutical co., LTD founded by Yin shengzhang, a veterinary medicine expert, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of animal drugs and breeding environment disinfectants, detergents and feed additives. The company has passed GMP certification of oral liquid, liquid disinfectant and other eight production lines. The company’s products are sold in the main distribution network throughout the country and exported to South America, South Africa, and Asia surrounding countries and regions. The company will be in line with the spirit of serving the society, developing the cause, sharing the benefits and keeping improving, to provide the best quality products and perfect technical services for users.

Solve Problems

1.Ensure that the security guards can patrol the areas in the pharmaceutical factory as planned, improve the quality and intensity of the patrol, make the patrol serious and complete, timely deal with problems found, and reduce potential safety risks.
2. Managers develop patrol plans, define patrol routes and security guards through background patrol software, unify patrol data management, reduce time waste caused by manual data sorting, and eliminate data fraud.
3. Analyze the patrol information through the patrol system, provide useful information for patrol work, formulate corresponding strategies, and solve problems in the bud and nip in the bud.
4. Instead of the traditional check-in form, the intelligent patrol management software is adopted to realize the unified management and maintenance of data, upload patrol data to the server, realize the unified management of patrol situation by the managers, and form report files, so as to be available for reference.

Product Introduction

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