Patrol-Guangzhou Environmental Protection Bureau

Location: Guangzhou Environmental Protection Bureau

Project Necessity

Guangzhou city environmental protection bureau authorized by provincial environmental protection department, responsible for the supervision and administration of water, noise, solid waste in Guangzhou region, toxic chemicals such as pollution prevention and control work, accident investigation and handling pollution and ecological destruction events, coordinate to solve the environmental pollution dispute, be responsible for the environmental protection administrative law enforcement inspection, coordinate and supervise Marine environmental protection work.


According to the regulation, patrol personnel regularly check for urban area key pollution sources, environmental information management center of supervision and patrol inspectors must be regularly and key pollution sources monitoring, scientific management, Basically put an end to the patrol personnel irresponsible phenomenon, to avoid the resulting bad social influence and economic losses. In addition to strengthening the daily patrol management, the environmental protection bureau also urges enterprises to regularly compare and calibrate, timely handle abnormal and missing data, and ensure the normal operation of the monitoring system.

Project Introduction

Guangzhou environmental protection bureau is equipped with a JWM real-time GPS guard tour system and management center for the following 46 radioactive sources, which can not only receive the location of radioactive sources but also determine the longitude and latitude information of radioactive sources. It can truly and effectively monitor the safety of radioactive sources. We will escort the security of Asian games.

Solve Problems

1. The JWM guard tour management system has indeed solved the spot rate of the supervision and patrol personnel.
2. Advanced technical means are adopted to achieve the purpose of supervision and management.
3. The patrol inspector is simple to operate and the data upload is convenient and fast.
4. Simple construction and maintenance, flexible information points.
5. Greatly improved the level of environmental resource management.

Product Introduction