Patrol-Guangxi Beibu Gulf Investment Group Co., Ltd

Location: Guangxi Beibu Gulf Investment Group Co., Ltd

Project Necessity

In order to strengthen the service area of the high-quality service, the Beibu Gulf in Guangxi investment group co., ltd. Use the JWM patrol management system, increase the hidden perils in safety, according to the JWM guard tour system can make a patrol according to the plan on each link check hidden trouble, holes, etc, to eliminate the security guards cannot be scientific and accurate appraisal phenomenon. The patrol management software effectively supervises patrol personnel’s daily patrol work and also guarantees the security and service of the service area.


The electronic patrol system consists of electronic patrol device, patrol more point, patrol more management software. By managing the Settings of software and hardware, the security guards can be timely and accurately in place. Because of only security guards timely and accurate in place, to find hidden dangers, reduce the occurrence of safety accidents. The project is just getting started. The leaders mainly want to know about the security work of their subordinate service areas, as well as the timely and effective emergency handling of accidents.

Project Introduction

The company shoulders to concentrate on the development and construction of major infrastructure, for the Guangxi Beibu Gulf economic zone’s open development, industrial development, economic take-off solid foundation, is the Guangxi Beibu gulf economic zone infrastructure construction main force and spearhead. It has made an important contribution to the development and construction of the Guangxi Beibu gulf’s economic zone.

Solve Problems

1. Through the configuration of the patrol system, security guards can patrol within the specified time, timely and effectively stop the theft.
2. Avoid malicious damage by outsiders and timely deal with accidents.
3. Ensure the safety of internal security guards.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000X1