Patrol-Dashang Group New Mart Shopping Square

Location: Dashang Group New Mart Shopping Square

Project Necessity

A shopping mall is a place where people gather, frequent and complex personnel, so often damage public facilities and other adverse phenomena occur. In addition, a large number of goods, goods piled up, is also a high-risk area of fire, many goods warehouse is located in the basement, all kinds of pipe leakage, wire aging problem is not easy to detect, there are hidden dangers such as the occurrence of goods soaking, fire, once the problem is difficult to find in a timely manner. Every year, the loss of property and life caused by a fire in all kinds of shopping malls and malls in China is huge.


JWM guard tour system is applied to the fire safety patrol management of the shopping center of the new mart. The management center sets patrol points to the places that cannot be covered by the monitoring of the mall. When setting the patrol plan, patrol personnel, patrol content, patrol location, and patrol frequency should be determined. Each floor of the shopping mall is patrolled by the floor manager and security guards. According to the plan of the shopping mall, 400 patrol points are set up for the shopping area of the shopping mall and the pedestrian street outside the shopping mall. The patrol personnel hold the patrol machine and patrol and sign in near each patrol point according to the specified time and line. Patrol data will be uploaded to the mall management center computer patrol management system software so that the patrol of the work of personnel can be recorded and assessed.

Project Introduction

Dashang group is the largest department store commercial group in China. At present, it has 160 large stores, distributed in 12 provinces and more than 50 cities. Dashang group is the “national civilized unit “, which has won the” China charity award “and topped the” national commercial quality award “. Daishang group takes the rise of national industry and commerce as its own responsibility, and grows up completely in accordance with the law of market competition. It is called “the invincible army with the most development strength of Chinese business” by many media and analysis reports.

Solve Problems

1. Ensure the unimpeded flow of public areas and fire exits, clean up illegal and disorderly items in a timely manner, and deal with hidden dangers or problems if found.
2. Check the flow of abnormal conditions in the store, and timely solve the general complaints and unexpected incidents.
3. Patrol the vicinity of the elevator according to time to ensure the good operation of the elevator, and stop customers who do not take the elevator safely.
4. The management center conducts real-time inspection and review of the patrol route of patrol personnel and evaluates the work performance of security patrol personnel. Through centralized management, the phenomenon of staff leaving a post and leaving post caused by laziness is reduced, as well as the negligence and leakage of the patrol.

Product Introduction

High-light Flashlight Security Checkpoint System