Patrol-Da Hong Men Garment Wholesale Market

Location: Da Hong Men Garment Wholesale Market

Project Necessity

Da Hong Men garment wholesale market is the largest and most powerful garment wholesale area in Beijing. In order to enhance the competitiveness of Da Hong Men garment market, Feng Tai district government introduced the concept of core garment commercial zone. The core area of garment business is the characteristic business area formed by the combination of garment industry and supporting industry. In the business era of industrial clusters, more and more enterprises develop rapidly, but behind the rapid development, most people ignore safety.


In order to strengthen the safety management, the Da Hong men garment wholesale market effectively supervises the security guards through the use of the JWM guard tour management system. Strengthen the patrol of the power supply system, fire water supply system and sewage treatment system in the shopping mall and the warehouse area to ensure the effective operation of fire safety doors and other fire facilities. Eliminate safety hazards in time to prevent accidents.

Project Introduction

Da hong men garment wholesale market is located in Beijing city. After years of market construction, it has formed a commodity circulation market system that focuses on wholesale circulation and promotes production and sales, forming a relatively large-scale da hong men garment commercial circle. There are altogether 24 comprehensive markets of clothing, textile, shoes, and hats in the whole business area, which is the largest clothing market in the north of the Yangtze River in China.

Solve Problems

1. Enhance the scientific means of security management, and the technology is advanced.
2. Through the management terminal set up in the management center, complete the setting of patrol points and patrol lines in the shopping mall and warehouse, as well as the deployment of patrol personnel tasks.
3. Through key patrol of fire doors, fire passageways, electrical equipment of fire control centers and storeroom, fire and safety hazards can be eliminated.
4. Realize the review of patrol personnel and patrol routes by JWM management software, assess patrol work and achieve the purpose of centralized management.
5. Analyze and process patrol information through JWM patrol management software, provide useful information for patrol, formulate corresponding strategies and solve problems.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V8