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Project Necessity

The turnout rail is out of control, causing the vehicle to derail when passing the turnout. The occurrence of the accident reflects that there are some serious problems in the implementation of the basic operating system, such as the daily maintenance of the operating equipment, the accident report after the accident, the equipment inspection and the operators’ truthful report on the operation. In the past, the management was mainly human supervision, which often resulted in various situations. Statistics were troublesome and mistakes were made due to the negligence of data input.


The JWM patrol management system provides data management and maintenance for checkpoints, patrol units, and patrol lines. The server and management system must test and the security patrols in the long, and rainy seasons. So far, the actual utilization rate is 100%, greatly saving the management time of the railway department, saving unnecessary capital investment, timely discovery of problems many times, rewarded a lot of meritorious personnel. In order to ensure the safety of railway transportation, do a good job of sub-loading.

Project Introduction

China Lanzhou railway runs 140 kilometers through the desert. It was built in the desert in China in the 1950s. The measures taken to prevent and control desertification won the special prize of national science and technology progress in 1987. The railway is an important trunk line from north China to the northwest and plays an important role in accelerating the economic construction of Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, and Gansu.

Solve Problems

1. JWM patrol management system solves the problem of grading the flood control capacity of the interval, evaluate the flood control sites and key flood control equipment, and divide the disaster-prone areas within the interval into key flood control areas.
2. Solve the problem of rainfall warning classification.
3. Solve the implementation problem of the rainfall warning system for the non-trunk railway.
4. Guard tour system solve equipment patrol problems during and after rain.
5. Solve the problems in the confirmation procedure of traffic conditions in the flooded area.
6. Solve the problem of timely and effective warning signs in key flood control areas.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000P5+