Patrol-Beijing Temple of Heaven Park

Location: Beijing Temple of Heaven Park

Project Necessity

The temple of heaven park, a place where emperors of the Ming and qing dynasties worshipped the heaven and prayed for a good harvest every year, is famous for its rigorous architectural layout, unique architectural structure and magnificent architectural decoration. It is the largest group of altar buildings preserved in China. Security patrol has always been an important means of security protection in tiantan park. However, security guards often use a variety of “means and reasons” to be lazy in work and fail to achieve the purpose of patrol, resulting in a lot of hidden dangers of insecurity.


After a long time of selection and trial, we finally choose the JWM GPS patrol management system to improve the staff management level and safety awareness. In the process of patrol, the security guards will carry GPS patrol device and patrol the park according to the patrol plan for 2 hours. The patrol information will be collected through GPS signal and the patrol information will be automatically uploaded. The management personnel will process, analyze, make statistics and make statements through the background system. It not only improves work efficiency but also provides a scientific management basis for managers.

Project Introduction

Temple of heaven, in the south of Beijing, Dongcheng district yongdingmen inside the east side of the street. The main building is in the inner altar, Huan Qiu altar in the south, prayer altar in the north, two altars on the same north-south axis, the middle wall separated. The main buildings inside the circular mound altar are circular mound altar, imperial vault, etc. It is a national material heritage and a world cultural heritage. Its influence is second only to that of the Forbidden City in Beijing.

Solve Problems

1. No need for construction, patrol according to GPS track, no need to damage the wall, better protect the integrity of cultural relics.
2. Through clear track playback, the security guards can be better supervised and real-time data transmission can be more timely and effective in solving emergencies.
3. A strict patrol plan can significantly improve the spirit of security guards on duty.
4. Stop tourists’ uncivilized behaviors timely and effectively, and dissuade smokers effectively to prevent fire hazards.
5. Carry out effective deterrence to lawbreakers to better protect the safety of tourists.

Product Introduction

GPS Tracking Watchman Clocking System