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Project Necessity

As a public entertainment place in society, the theater provides entertainment and leisure services for people. In recent years, new theaters have been developing rapidly, while some old theaters have been revamping and expanding. However, in the process of construction and operation, theaters tend to neglect the prevention and management of safety, causing a lot of security risks, leading to various accidents, endangering the safety of people’s lives and property. Therefore, strengthening safety management is the key link of theater development. 


Background Settings through the patrolling system software, in view of the stage, light control, programmable, lift orchestra pit, band preparation room, dressing room, hall, and focus on fire prevention part of safe passage for resettlement patrolling, according to the plan for patrol to ensure that fire safety and the safe operation of equipment and facilities, ensure the safety of the auditorium theatre and performance.

Project Introduction

Beijing poly theatre management co., LTD., now the national management operates 54 theatre, concert halls and other places of performance, performance events each year more than 6000 games, in order to ensure the performance of smoothly and stage to the safe operation of equipment and facilities, in addition to improve the safety management system is the introduction of JWM guard tour system management system for safety work and the implementation of prevention and control measures is better.

Solve Problems

1. The system adopts induction card technology, wireless communication, no contact, better protection of the card, not easy to be destroyed, no need for full-time maintenance, reduce the use cost.
2. Replace the traditional manual check-in, avoid the waste of time and data fraud caused by manual data sorting, and avoid people leaving the post.
3. The management personnel shall conduct more systematic management through background patrol, and set up patrol plans for stairs, safe passage, and background according to actual needs, and settle patrol points.
4. The management personnel can conduct systematic management on patrol time control through patrol software, reasonably allocate patrol forces, define the key time and place of patrol, make sure that there is no break-in time control, and the patrol in place can timely find out hidden dangers and eliminate them.
5. Property management center reduces the time waste caused by manual data sorting through unified management of data, eliminates data fraud, and provides scientific and accurate patrol information and query basis.

Product Introduction

High-light Flashlight Security Checkpoint System