Patrol-Beijing Municipal Management School

Location: Beijing Municipal Management School

Project Necessity

Using the JWM high-tech patrol system is an important measure to strengthen the safety and stability of the school, and it is also an effective way to strengthen the self-management of the staff. The Security Department of the school manages and supervises the security through the use of patrol device, as well as the ideological and business training of the security guards so that it can really become a good helper to create a safe and harmonious campus.


The layout of the campus of Beijing youth university for political science is reasonable, which fully embodies the characteristics of modernization, intelligence, and digitalization. The security department of the school is responsible for the daily security patrol within the campus. The JWM patrol management system is mainly used for the security patrol within the campus. The security center installs the patrol points in the front door and fire passage with more people flow on the campus and other places with security risks. The security guards arrive at the patrol site on time and carry out patrols according to their positions, to prevent safety accidents, ensure personal and property safety, ensure students’ safety and health during the school period, and further strengthen the work of campus security, stability and civilization construction.

Project Introduction

Beijing municipal management school is a national key technical school, which is committed to serving the development of the capital and the municipal appearance industry and cultivating high-quality skilled talents in the capital. The school has convenient transportation and invests special funds to update teaching equipment every year. The school has an advanced training rooms, library and other supporting and complete teaching and training equipment.

Solve Problems

1. Formulated patrol personnel, time and patrol plan, and assessed the work of security guards to avoid people leaving their posts.
2. The security guards can patrol in the School Park, dormitory and all monitoring dead corners through induction patrol equipment, so as to reduce the safety accidents caused by potential safety hazards.
3. To ensure the quality of patrol, we can timely understand and find problems, resolve and deal with various contradictions as soon as possible, and avoid the escalation of the situation. In this process, we can make full use of the JWM guard tour system to analyze and process the information, provide useful information for security work, and solve the problems in the bud.

Product Introduction