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Project Necessity

The service area is an indispensable facility on the expressway, which can not only provide rest service for the users of the expressway but also ensure the traffic safety and transportation efficiency. With the continuous growth of expressway mileage and passenger flow, the service area also expands the service items, such as refueling, catering, shopping and so on. However, with the increase of passenger flow, the safety and health problems involved also increase, such as parking safety, fire safety, health and order of service areas and so on. In order to make the service area have a safe and clean environment, patrol management has become the top priority in the operation of the service area.


In order to strengthen the service area of the high-quality service, Beijing capital highway development group co., LTD. Use JWM patrolling management system, increase the hidden perils in safety, according to the system Settings can patrol insist on days, weeks, and in accordance with the relevant provisions from the equipment security and safety, to shopping safety and food safety, etc., check hidden danger, the holes in each link, check the details, to eliminate the not scientific and accurate evaluation to patrol personnel management. The system can effectively supervise the daily patrol work of the security guards and guarantee the security and service of the service area.

Project Introduction

Beijing capital highway development group co., LTD., established in September 1999, is a large state-owned enterprise in Beijing. It is responsible for the construction, operation, and management of Beijing expressway and other related industries. According to the goal of “fast, safe, comfortable and smooth”, the service management level is constantly improved. Centering on the main business of expressway, industrial management has initially formed multi-type group management of traffic engineering, intelligent technology, logistics hub, and ecological greening.

Solve Problems

1. Effectively supervised the daily patrol work of security guards, and reduced the late arrival, early departure and missed a post. The management of patrol personnel should be carried out scientifically.
2. Security guards can inspect public facilities and fire fighting equipment in the service area as required to ensure the good operation of various facilities.
3. Security guards shall manage the parking of hazardous chemical transport vehicles in the service area according to regulations, prevent the violation of parking of large vehicles, and timely adjust the traffic flow and passenger flow to ensure smooth traffic in the service area.
4. Patrolling according to regulations can timely deal with all kinds of emergencies, reduce the incidence of crimes and reduce property losses.

Product Introduction

High-light Flashlight Security Checkpoint System