Security Guard APP

Security guard app allows multiple types(NFC/BLE/QR-Code/GPS), choose your favourite reading types and collect data. Make patrol from now on efficient and quick.

Simple and Clear Interfa

Specifically designed for Wepatrol , these interfaces clearly display the condition of basic patrol data and analyze statistics. Easy setup and inquiry, you can get rid of a messy paper book.

Patrol Route Navigation

No matter how complicated the patrol plan, Wepatrol will guide you through the work. The patrol plan is pre-set in the software, and Wepatrol will automatically synchronize the patrol plan to help the security staff complete the work on time.

Real-Time Monitoring Your
Security Guards

Wherever or whenever you’re just getting patrolled, the Wepatrol APP collects all your position data with exact point(on Google map) what you need to make your patrolling vivid and distinguishable than a traditional messed paper notebook.

Media Patrol Data

During the patrol, employees can follow up on uploading text messages, voice messages, photos and videos.

Task Reminder

Not just patrolling, there are other work tasks. The administrator can set up the tasks that the checkpoint needs to do in the software.


Ensure the personal safety of guards. In case of emergency, Wepatrol can immediately send voice and pictures to the management center for help, the first time for the guard to rescue.

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