Ninghai County Environmental Sewage Treatment Plant Equipment Patrol Management System

Shopping malls are places where people go shopping frantically. The flow of people is very large. You must pay attention to safety, but you need to be aware of safety precautions. Beijing SKP Department Store has adopted corresponding safety measures for the safety of shopping malls and introduced gold in the patrol of shopping malls. Wanma electronic patrol system is the main management method to ensure the safety of customers and shopping malls.

Urgent Problem

After the equipment fails, it is not discovered in time, it can not play the role of fire prevention, and there is a huge safety hazard.
Guards encountered unexpected incidents during the inspection and could not report to the management center in time, and the hidden dangers were postponed and amplified.

When the inspector misses the inspection, the management center cannot know the first time, and the safety of the factory cannot be guaranteed.


Install patrol points at all equipment facilities such as factory warehouses, set patrol time, and formulate fire inspection plan through the system.
Knight 4D online patrol machine with voice call and real-time data transmission function

Each time the security personnel read the card, the data will be uploaded in real-time, and the management center can receive the inspection data in the first time.



Security personnel needs to install a patrol plan to read and check cards at various equipment and facilities on time, and the system records the arrival time.
When a hidden danger occurs, the data can be uploaded to the management center through the patrol machine as soon as possible.

Once a missed inspection occurs, the management center can know it as soon as possible and arrange for inspectors to re-check.


According to the actual situation of the sewage treatment plant of Ninghai County Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., the manager installs patrol points at various locations and patrol routes that need to be patrolled, and then sets the patrol points after sensing with the patrol machine through the electronic patrol system For the name of the corresponding location, enter the location of the patrol point, patrol time, period, and names of patrol officers into the patrol system, and make a patrol plan.
During inspections, security personnel needs to hold the patrol machine to read the card at each patrol point according to the patrol plan. The patrol machine automatically stores the card reading location and time and uploads the data to the management center in real-time. The patrol system automatically transmits the data Organize into a patrol report for managers to view.

Project Model: WM-5000L4D

WM-5000L4D patrol wand is an online patrol wand that integrates real-time transmission, voice prompts, and SOS alarms. The patrol machine adopts ABS engineering plastics, two-color integrated injection, the overall design is compact, all components and plates are fixed without screws. Beautiful appearance with outstanding physical and thermal performance. The military design is fully waterproof, anti-fall and shockproof. It can still work normally when it falls freely from a height of 30 meters. It is a truly robust induction patrol machine with three defenses.