Ningbo Zhoushan Port Security Guard Solutions

Location: Ningbo Zhoushan Port

Project Necessity

1. Ningbo Zhoushan port is a multi-functional and comprehensive modern deepwater port integrating inland river port, estuary port and harbor.
2. Patrol police are an important force to control social security, a crackdown on current crimes, manage social security through inspection, and deal with emergencies and emergency public security incidents.
3. They are also the bond of the public security organs to keep in close contact with the masses, and an important service window for the functional departments of the government to solve problems for the masses.


Zhoushan port of Ningbo, formerly known as Ningbo port bureau, is composed of Beilun port area, Zhenhai port area, Ningbo port area, Daxie port area, and Chuanshan port area.In order to continue the economic development and provide a safe living and working environment for the people of Ningbo port, the command center of Ningbo Zhoushan port public security bureau introduced the JWM security patrol management system to assist the work of the patrol police.

Project Introduction

Ningbo Zhoushan port public security patrol management system that is by JWM work for the public security patrol tailor-made management software, very suitable for patrol, management center in the software system for patrol routes for the overall planning, installation of patrolling, the policeman on duty arrangement, in accordance with the planned line patrol, patrol hand-held guard patrol tour reader, with guard patrol tour reader and checkpoints to clock in, uphold order of security of jurisdiction, preventing and combating the illegal and criminal activities within their respective jurisdictions, auditing fugitive and other illegal crime personnel, accept alarm, rescue personal and property safety violations or in other dangerous situations of citizens.

Solve Problems

  • 1. Set up in the municipal control and command center to monitor the patrol work of the patrol police and achieve the goal of centralized management.
  • 2. Form a good image of public security and deter lawbreakers.
  • 3. Ensure that the patrol officers are in the area at all times and can immediately dispatch the police to the scene when they receive the alarm.
  • 4. Obtain more scientific data of patrol and inspection resources, collect patrol and inspection data, and conduct patrol and inspection performance assessment.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V5