Guard Tour System -Nanning Railway Bureau

Location: Nanning Railway Bureau

Project Necessity

On January 19, 2008, there was a derailment accident on the Beijing-Jiujiang railway. According to the on-site investigation and analysis, the direct cause of the accident was that the incompletion wire of the track broke off and disengaged, and the turnout rail lost control, resulting in the derailment of the vehicles pushing forward when they passed the turnout. The occurrence of this accident reflects that there are some serious problems in the implementation of the basic operating system such as daily maintenance of running equipment, accident report after the accident, equipment patrol and operation personnel’s truthful report of the operation.


Establish a dynamic management network for flood control, receive real-time data transmitted by the patrol guards through the Internet, analyze the missing data intelligently, and prompt the management personnel through voice. The data query function must have the query of alarm record, guard tour record, guard tour line, patrol equipment, patrol checkpoint, and other data. The system provides data management and maintenance of checkpoints, patrol units, and patrol lines. The server and management system must have done corresponding test experiments for the patrol situation of guards in the long term, rainy season and rain. Up to now, the actual utilization rate is 100%, which greatly saves the management time of railway departments, saves unnecessary capital opening, timely finds problems many times, and rewards much meritorious personnel. To ensure the safety of railway transport to do apart.

Project Introduction

Nanning Railway Bureau is the predecessor of Liuzhou railway bureau, 1951 from Hengyang railway bureau branch established Nanning railway bureau, January 1, 1953, Nanning railway bureau moved to the establishment of Liuzhou Liuzhou railway bureau. After implementing the strategy of the southwest sea channel construction and the beibu gulf economic zone in Guangxi, Nanning government offered the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, and demand, with the help of the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region to the national requirements, the ministry of railways with the approval of the ministry of railways since November 16, 2007, moved from Liuzhou to Nanning railway authority, and changed its name to Nanning railway bureau, declared the birth of Nanning railway bureau, referred to as the “authority”.

Solve Problems

1. Solve the problem of grading the flood control capacity of the interval, evaluate the flood control sites and key flood control equipment, and divide the disaster-prone areas within the interval into key flood control areas.
2. Solve the problem of rainfall warning classification.
3. Solve the implementation problem of rainfall warning system for non-trunk railway.
4. Solve equipment patrol problems during and after rain.
5. Solve the problems in the confirmation procedure of traffic conditions in the flooded area.
6. Solve the problem of timely and effective warning signs in key flood control areas.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000L5